Ongoing Learning

The joy of owning a parrot comes with the challenge of keeping them happy and healthy. The information is always improving, and new things are presented all the time. Keep learning about new and improved ways to keep your parrot happy.

Additional resources are:

Parrot SOS

Parrot Problem

Good Bird Inc

World Parrot Trust

Behavior Works

Pamela Clark Online

Parrot Enrichment

Diet Advice

Your local RESCUE

Your local PARROT CLUB

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Lesson Summary

Owning a parrot can be a joy, but it also comes with the responsibility of ensuring their well-being. It's important to continuously learn and stay updated on new and improved methods to keep them happy and healthy. Fortunately, there are several resources that offer valuable information on parrot care and enrichment:

In addition to these resources, it can be helpful to seek support from local rescues and parrot clubs. These organizations often have experience and knowledge that can benefit parrot owners. Online courses are also available for those who prefer a more structured learning environment.

If you need further support or have specific questions, you can contact Robin at [email protected].

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