How bird training makes us better dog trainers

Welcome to this Virtual Bird School class on "How bird training makes us better dog trainers"!

In this class we will discuss the similarities and differences between training birds and training dogs, using the behaviour science behind animal training. If you are a dog trainer who uses positive reinforcement, this is the class for you! Expand your understanding by training another species. See how the principles are applied across species. Learn how to identify reinforcers, what 'training rhythm' is, how rate of reinforcement and timing affect things, how to create communication and understanding with your new species, and so much more!

This class was held at 7pm MST on Thursday Aug 12 2021. Use this link to help you find your time zone. CLICK HERE

This class was recorded for your future viewing. Only the presentation portion is recorded. The Q&A is ONLY for live attendees, it is not part of the recording. Join us LIVE to have your questions answered!

Please email any questions to [email protected]

See you then!

  • Robin

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