Biting topic info

Welcome to the class on Biting!

BITING - Does your bird bite you? Does your bird bite first and ask questions later? Would you or your family members like a better bond with your bird? We will discuss these issues and much more! A bite contains communication. We will explore why a bird bites, what to do about it, and what our alternatives are. We can train this behaviour using positive reinforcement. We will also discuss how to have a ZERO bite household! (It's true!)

Amazing art plaque from Tina at Feathers and Fur Portraiture

Lesson Summary

In this class on Biting, participants will learn:

  • About the reasons behind bird biting
  • How to address biting behavior
  • Strategies to improve the bond with their bird
  • The concept of biting as a form of communication
  • Positive reinforcement techniques for training
  • Insights on creating a bite-free environment

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